Missing me?

Are you all missing me? Not as much as I’m missing you I bet! And my Peter! I’ll try to bring you up to date on happenings while I have a few minutes. Peter hasn’t been home for a while. He’s really busy sorting out problems in Denmark but the good news is he will… Continue reading Missing me?


Well, totally unexpected, when Peter got home last night and gave me the news about his promotion it was a huge amount to take in. Apparently his bosses were so impressed with the way he had dealt with the problem in Denmark they decided to offer him a directorship! He’s been there some while and… Continue reading News

My husband is a B******d – in the nicest possible way!

Oh wow. That was some night on Friday. As some of you will know I was feeling really randy during the day and had been disappointed that Peter was so tired the previous night that we didn’t get to play. However he made up for it on Friday – in spades. It was partly my… Continue reading My husband is a B******d – in the nicest possible way!