Hi everyone

Welcome to my blog.

I am really just an ordinary housewife and Mum. I also have a job as a solicitor (lawyer) and have just recently found out that I really, really love to parade myself in front of the camera and show everything I have. It all started only a few months ago and I’ve set out the details in my first full blog. Happy to talk about anything sexual, love to show my body and underwear to the world, It gives me a sexual buzz I could not have imagined.

29 thoughts on “Hi everyone

  1. Hi Erin. Just joined you on Twitter and then found your blog. Did the blog start on 23/7/16 or have I missed earlier posts. Love reading them.


  2. Hi ….my god you are so sexy id love to see you in fully fashioned nylons with sheer bra and crotchless knickers in ur office bending over whilst I wank my cock.


  3. Hi erin. ….I love the pictures of you so sexy .honest I can’t stop wankin about u serious. .im working away for the next few months in the middle east and I look forward to seeing you in sexy undies stockings ect ..thanks for sharing .x


      1. I just click the comment box on the email that is sent, I’ve had no problems Walter. did you remember to fill in the details below part. (grandmother + egg) springs to mind here.


      2. Hi Walter No comments wern’t too naughty! Its just that the first time someone posts they don’t get shown until I approve them and as you know I’ve been a bit busy! I have now been through and approved the post and deleted all the tests! Love Erin xx


      3. This is really strange because I’ve been posting to your blogs from time to time in the past without any problems. I became a member the day you came online with your website. I guess this was my 1st post since joining. I was able to post TEST but nothing happened when I posted “My cock does not know anything about Twitter or Word Press. My cock has been hard for several days, turned purple, waiting to hear story about your pussy adventures. However, I on the other hand completely understand how busy you are” I tried several times. when I entered test and some other things it took it.

        OK let me go back and look at it again.


        My cock


      4. My cock just exploded in frustration. Went to website clicked members. gave username/pass -> updates 1 -> update 2 -> to get update 3 I get the join screen.

        I assume that I would not be able to see any of your pictures or videos if I were not a member. I tried using 2 different browsers but same issue. I’ll try tomorrow.



      5. I got it. When I got to the JOIN page I clicked joined and there is a button which says already a member? After doing it twice I saw Update 3 + video

        My cock is so happy and will be fucking and sucking your pussy tonight. Please forgive me if I wake you .

        Thanks for your help,

        Walter – PERV


      6. Hi Walter I hope everything, including your cock, is happy now! I didn’t post some of your “test” posts so thats why they don’t show. Any problems let me know and I’ll come over and wank you off:-)


      7. Does that go for anybody else that’s having problems Erin? i’ve got a problem with a bad case of stiffness.
        as always


      8. Thanks Erin that’s so randy of you to cum over and wank me till I get it right. If you do your going to have to use your mouth instead. Better yet use your pussy so we can wank each other off until I get it right. #MassiveHardon


      9. Thanks Erin that’s very randy of you to cum over and wank me till I get it right. I’ll catch on quicker if you use your mouth instead. Better yet if you use your pussy we can wank each other off until I get it right. #MassiveBoner

        Thanks Again for your help.


  4. Wow . Just stumbled across this blog and twitter page and I’m totally blown away viewing your content . Erin I know it won’t be the first time you’ve been told this but your fucking gorgeous . Love how you actively encourage your followers to wank over your posts . Many thanks for sharing Gorgeous xxx


  5. Mmm maybe you are getting a nice and close to Di you said you weren’t interested in women maybe you could dabble s little with her after another lunchtime session I find the thought very erotic, glad she agreed to share some pics with you for us and had to read rest of blog re P when I got home so busy at work god would love to see you push your panties in your cunt in front of me then push in my mouth and rub your cunt over my face xxx


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