How it started


It was my husband Peter’s 40th birthday last November and to treat him I decided we would have a weekend in a small luxury country hotel, no kids, no phones, just the two of us to relax. Well, I guess it was relaxing, but the ambiance of the hotel and the fact that we had a four poster bed seemed to make it just a little bit special.

We had up until then, in our 13 years of marriage been quite conservative in our sexual habits. Sure, we had some fun in the bedroom, but other than a little bit of role play had not really pushed the boundaries.

Anyway, on the Saturday night after a gorgeous meal, a bottle of bubbly to celebrate Peter’s birthday and the odd brandy etc we were very relaxed when we went up to bed. We made love as we had over the years, good, but not mind blowing and then as we relaxed afterwards the conversation turned to the passing years. I guess the 40 milestone does that. After some chat we decided that really we needed to pull ourselves out of the rut we were getting into and try for something exciting. The wine and booze having had their effect the conversation led to us deciding to create a sex bucket list of the things we would really like to do. It got wilder and wilder and after a bit we decided to cut it down to 10 things we both thought would be fun and horny to do. We scrawled then on a piece of paper and eventually drifted off to sleep.

I think both of us thought that probably in the morning the paper would end up in the waste bin (or perhaps down the toilet considering what was on it!) but actually we both still felt that it would be really exciting to give it a try. We decided to list the items, be very specific and detailed (I am a lawyer after all!) and that if we did embark on the journey either of us could call a halt at any time.

Heres the list:

  1. Taking “naughty” photographs mainly of me
  2. Flirting online
  3. Posting photos on line
  4. Website with hardcore photos
  5. Seducing – Erin – older man, Peter – younger woman
  6. Seducing – Erin – younger man, Peter  – older woman
  7. Bukakee
  8. Dogging
  9. 3 in a bed
  10. Fucking same sex ie Erin-woman, Peter -man

The day passed and I realised that I was incredibly horny just thinking about doing what we had listed and Peter confided that he felt the same. So here we go. We have got up to item 3 plus a little of the way on items 4 and 5 (I’ll tell all in the next blog about item 5) and are both so sexually charged now its like living a different life.

I highly recommend it!

So here’s just a couple of photos that before that night I would never have thought I could do. They are from the very first set, just before Christmas  and the turn on was fantastic. I could see Peter was enjoying taking the photographs as much as I was posing, from the bulge in his trousers and the subsequent fucking (lovemaking it wasn’t; this was on another plane) was mind blowing. We were up and running!

Subsequent to that we did a lot more sets, even borrowing a professional studio for some, and added video. We kept pushing the limit and I ended up being totally wanton in front of the camera, legs wide apart, pulling my lips apart, pushing fingers into myself using toys…

Thats when Peter decided he wanted in on it too and we did some “proper” porn with the owner of the studio filming us. Wow was that unbelievably hot.

We’ve not shown those anywhere yet but I’m convinced that it wont be long before we do. I’ve now posted totally naked open leg shots of myself on Twitter and we are putting together a website which will certainly show me enjoying my toys. So stay with me and hopefully we can have fun together.

I’m also on twitter (Bucket list item 2) at @erin_slut_wife and am loving the interaction with loads of horny guys which both Peter and I are hoping will lead to more as we work our way through the bucket list.

4 thoughts on “How it started

  1. Hi Erin,
    It is tremendous! I do think you are right about the age thing! I was married for 13 years and sadly it ended but I met the woman of my dreams and over the last year we have been engaging in things I never would have imagined for either of us! It probably was always there but…it does change the game. Your bucket list is quite intriguing.
    You guys should have a holiday in Canada!
    Just saying! 😉
    I am enjoying your blog.
    Love it,


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