Peter’s turn

Just got a few minutes before my next client who is running late, so its on his time but I thought I’d use it productively!

I’ve realised that I didn’t update you on Peter’s reaction to the news about Di being interested in what we are doing. I mentioned to him after the girly lunch and said that she was keen to come back and chat some more and what did he think and would he be interested if she was up for going to bed with him. (Wow that was strange – saying to my husband about going to bed with another woman. Strange but incredibly exciting for some reason). He had met her on several occasions and I’m sure found her attractive enough and yes he would be more than happy to have to “have a shag” with her! No, he didn’t say that, he’s much more polite- “Yes” he said “I’d love to fuck her! But….”

But? whats wrong? Nothing was the reply except that he was rather thinking he ought to keep the age gap about the same as me ie go for someone in their 60’s (he actually wants to be a toy boy I think). We talked about it for a while and I think he’s right. Going for someone outside our age range means theres no, or little, possibility of it affecting our marriage. We talked about it some more and decided the best way to do it was to add another item to our bucket list and say No11 having a foursome so if Di’s husband is up for it then thats a different matter. Now I have to see if she is!

I thought it was a  good time to check with him that he was still happy for me to go with Frank and that was a big definite YES. Its less than a week now and I’m getting pre examination nerves!!

That all seems a bit serious and not very sexy so here’s a couple of pics to get back on track. Which hole to you fancy filling first?








5 thoughts on “Peter’s turn

  1. im definetely going for ur sexy tight arse first of course Erin. gonna b interesting how u both react to each other being fucked by someone else. love m kisses xxx


  2. If Dave’s going for your arse first Erin it has to be Mouth, Cunt then Arse for me, I’m sure you and Peter will be fine, Di and her husband are a different matter it’s a bigger first step than you took. Don’t forget we were there to give you support where frank was concerned.
    As always


  3. I just love every part of your body your sweet tasty cunt I could eat forever and would love to play with your nipples mmmm do are awesome definitely cumtrib material😋😋😍


  4. @erin_slut_wife Please add my name to Erin’s FUCKIT list – #horny #perverts wishing they could #fuck #eat Erin’s mouth, arse and pussy.


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