My fuck with Frank had been the most erotic thing I had ever done but somehow, even though I didn’t get fucked myself, this beats it. I think the fact that there were the four of us in the room but two of us just voyeurs with my own husband, my faithful husband, hard as… Continue reading Wow!


It seems some of my Twitter followers are not up to speed with this weeks grand event so here’s the detail. If you have read previous blogs you will know that we are working our way through our sexual bucket list and tomorrow it is Peter’s turn to get fucked. We have corresponded with a… Continue reading Tomorrow

Last night

I’m trying to make up for last weeks lack of posts so here’s a quick report on last nights game from Smithsville! We were both still really tired from last weeks trauma and Peter had had a long day at work to we were just going to sleep. I was spooned into his back and… Continue reading Last night