New update on website

Poor Peter. I leave him at home to go and look after my sledge hammer wielding Mother; in charge of kids, cooking, cleaning etc and then on top of that I ask him to do the weekly update on the website. What a treasure he is. I wonder how I can possibly reward him? Any ideas?

Anyway the update is done and there’s a sample below. This set of lingerie seems to be very popular with lots of you. I have to say I love it too and if I get the chance to perhaps “accidentally” leave a blouse button too many ope so that I’m giving a glimpse of it to all and sundry I’ll do it! I don’t usually get the toy out in the office though! (not that this set was shot in my office)


7 thoughts on “New update on website

  1. You should always carry one of your toys with you Erin, you never know when you want to use it. Plenty of ideas on how you can thank Peter, too many to mention on here.
    as always


  2. Love a cheeky down blouse and a glimpse of your sumptuous lingerie and nipple so fucking sexy, I’m sure P will look after you when you get home and you can him


  3. Love the naughtiness of the office. N a grew always take a toy or too just for times like that. Glad ur back with us n ur mum is recovering. Xx


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