My husband is a B******d – in the nicest possible way!

Oh wow. That was some night on Friday. As some of you will know I was feeling really randy during the day and had been disappointed that Peter was so tired the previous night that we didn’t get to play.

However he made up for it on Friday – in spades. It was partly my doing as I made the mistake of asking members for some ideas and they came up with a few which I then showed to Peter when he came home on Friday evening. He took great interest in what had been said but wouldn’t tell me what he had planned.

We arranged for a takeaway and chilled a few bottles of white wine and after a relaxing meal Peter said he was going for a shower before the action. (He didn’t say it quite like that!) He was gone a while longer than usual and I thought I heard him on his phone but didn’t think much about it at the time.

The first pleasant surprise of the evening was when he came back into the living room he was wearing just a bathrobe which he hadn’t bothered to secure and he was partially erect. I beckoned him over thinking I would give him a quick suck there and then but he said no, I was to go upstairs and put on the clothes he had put out for me and wait for him lying on the bed. I knew that meant that I was going to be very much the sub tonight but that suited me.

Upstairs I found that he had put out a racy black bra and knicker set with a wide suspender belt, fully fashioned nylons and “those” boots! I quickly undressed and redressed and lay down on the bed expectantly. It wasn’t long before he came up and as I expected he cuffed me to the bed, wrists and ankles to each corner and then blindfolded me. That was a surprise; we don’t usually do that. He knows I love to watch his erection and look into his eyes as he fucks me but I was excited by this and wondered what was next.

What was next was that he told me I’d have to wait a bit and he left the room. I heard him go down the stairs (He’s not going to the pub is he, that was one of the members suggestions. I’ll kill that member if he does)and then I was sure I heard the front door open and close. He cant have gone out, I thought, he’s only wearing an undone bathrobe! What is he doing? I then heard his footsteps on the stairs and I thought, although I couldn’t be sure, that he was whispering to someone. No, I thought he cant be, can he? God he hasn’t brought someone round to fuck me has he? I didn’t know whether I was scared or as excited as hell by the idea.

The bedroom door opened and I asked him what was happening. “You’ll find out” he said and there was some movement and the chair in the corner of the room creaked as though someone was sitting in it. I was now fairly convinced I was going to get fucked by someone other than Peter and the juices really did begin to gush.

I then felt someone climb on the bed and move next to me and a hand pulled my bra off and started to rub oil into my tits. Then a voice whispered in my ear “You are such a gorgeous slut” I was pretty positive it was Peter but not 100% so that erotic massage was sending me over the edge. Was it my husband? If not who? I then felt his hardness next to me and his fingers disappearing inside my soaking wet cunt. That convinced me it was Peter, his fingers are so familiar. I wasn’t sure whether I was relieved or disappointed though.

I was so wet that he had no trouble sinking his cock into me soon and I was bucking hard when he came. “Don’t worry” he said “thats not the last time you’ll be fucked tonight” God, there was someone else here or was he just saying he was going to do me again? Peter climbed off the bed and there was much rustling around and movement but I couldn’t work out exactly what was happening. Then I felt another hand on me, but the feeling was strange, It took a while to work it out but then I realised that whoever it was was wearing leather gloves.  Those hands roamed over me and explored every part of me. God, was it Peter messing around or was it someone else? “Who is it? Peter who’se feeling me up?” No answer. The hand left me and whoever it was climbed off the bed. “Peter who is he” “Who says it a he?” replied Peter. God, could it have been a woman? Didn’t smell feminine but by then I was in such a state of excitement I couldn’t be sure about anything. The person got back on the bed and pushed their gloved hand into my pussy and started frigging me hard. My hips came off the bed as I started to orgasm and then their other hand went under me and I felt another gloved finger exploring my anus and not so gently pushing in. Thats was it; with a huge scream I came and came and came. Whoever this was wasn’t finished though. I felt something brush my face and realised it was a cock in a condom. Peter never uses condoms. I opened my mouth and took it in. I sucked hard and then it withdrew and went into my pussy. I thought I’d be able to tell if it was Peter but it was ribbed and the feeling was so different. Again I just didn’t know. However it was thrust hard and fast really banging me and in no time I was bucking and coming to yet another orgasm.

I slowly started to recover my senses and realised that I was still not alone on the bed. A hand, this time not in a glove, very gently caressed me and I heard Peter whisper to me “Did you enjoy that darling, would you like more?” Oh yes yes yes.

I asked him to take the blindfold off so I could see who it was that had fucked me. “Not yet” he said and he climbed off the bed, went out of the room and again I heard the front door open and close. Peter was soon back with me and took off the blindfold and presented me with a glass of bubbly. ” Who was it?” I asked. “Who?” he replied. “The person here” I said. “Was there someone here? Mm if there was perhaps its best you don’t know who it was! Was it a neighbour? A friend of mine? One of your members? or even perhaps a stranger I’d met in the pub and asked if he wanted to screw my wife for £100!” Hell, that last thought was so erotic, me being screwed for cash! He wouldn’t tell me – the bastard! I cant be sure that there was anyone. Playing it back in my mind it could have all been Peter, but the thought that it was possibly someone else is keeping me in damp knickers even now.

MONDAY: He still hasn’t told me. It could be a man I know or a stranger or him! Grrr! What a turn on though. I hope ( at least I think I do) that it was someone else. I’m going to be carefully looking at everyone I meet now to try and judge whether they are looking at me in a different way!

Peter has promised to tell me by this coming weekend so I’ve got a whole week of not knowing. Its driving me mad! I think I might withhold my favours till he tells me. Do you think I should?

Hugs, Erin xxxxxxxxx

12 thoughts on “My husband is a B******d – in the nicest possible way!

  1. Wow Erin no wonder you have been rather quiet over the weekend this is the best blog you’ve written to date I can tell you one thing for certain the stranger wasn’t me. mores the pity.
    As always


  2. Absolutely fucking awesome so so erotic just loved it in my mind I’m hoping it was a woman possibly Di you said she was bi maybe P has been talking to her on the qt 😊😉😘 loved the way he tied you up sosexy blind folded having your nipples and cunt played with by a stranger then P fucking your cunt hard.. just hope one day I can be invited and involved in something like this


  3. No don’t withhold your favours go with it as long as you can. Once you know that’s it all over keep checking the people out. Sorry but i think it was just Peter playing with you., but i really do hope i’m wrong.
    As always


  4. Erin,
    Good on Peter! If it was just him bravo for the guile to pull it off!
    You have to get better at using all other senses to figure this out! Or maybe a less blinding blindfold! Lmao!
    Love it!


  5. Just a thought maybe Peter went down to let in your friendly photographer ! so he could film it & take pictures of the evenings events as Peter would be rather busy, that would explain Peter not telling you for a couple of days. The photographer would need a couple of days to edit the video and get it back to you.
    As always


  6. Wow. Well that was unexpected. I’m sure you will enjoy the anticipation and unknown. I can confirm that much as I’d have loved to be there I wasn’t. I’m sure that Peter will keep you very busy without letting you know until he had everything in place for the surprise.

    However if you are needing a hand with anything then let me know.


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