Another surprise from Peter (no not that sort!)

Hi all

Too much to say on Twitter so hope you all get to read this.

As you know Peter had to fly out to Denmark on business earlier in the week. Originally he had thought he would be back by the weekend but would then have to go back out there next week but he stayed on yesterday to try and get things straight (He’s sorting out some sort of major problem) so he didn’t have to go back. Apparently its gone quite well and he should be back tomorrow and not need to go back immediately so as a treat he’s organised a holiday for us all as its half term. We are going to stay at a hotel in the New Forest, lots for the kids to do, and it has a spa for me. Whoopee!

My boss is happy to give me the time too as I’m not over busy this coming week

Does mean I might not be posting much, hope you will all forgive me. Here’s a little selection of pics to keep you warm and hard for a bit.

Love to you all Erin xxxxx

5 thoughts on “Another surprise from Peter (no not that sort!)

  1. Have a great time and lots of fun with the dustbin lids and always good to see your hot sexy body Erin



  2. You go and enjoy your holiday. We will miss you enjoy the new forest it’s a beautiful part of the country. When you get back refreshed hopefully you will be hornier than ever.
    As always


  3. Have a great holiday. Come back randy as hell for your faithful perverts. I have a wonderful SPA treatment when you get to the New Forrest.


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