Well, totally unexpected, when Peter got home last night and gave me the news about his promotion it was a huge amount to take in.

Apparently his bosses were so impressed with the way he had dealt with the problem in Denmark they decided to offer him a directorship! He’s been there some while and we knew they thought highly of him but this came out of the blue. They have given him charge of the Danish side of things which is great. (Sorry I cant give too many details for obvious reasons) It also has a great many ramifications for us. It means that he will need to spend a lot of his time out there and it may even be that he/we will end up being there permanently but that will to a large extent depend on the final outcome of the Brexit situation. In the mean time he reckons that he will need to be out there 3 weeks out of 4Β to start with and will possibly only be back some weekends. Its not something which either of us would choose but its such a tremendous opportunity that he/we can’t pass it up.

As you may realise this is going to have a knock on effect on me and on what we are doing here. As I’ve said previously when Peter is away the buzz I get from all my dirty talk with you all is not the same and its a journey we started and only ever want to do together. Also there is the time element. We had our days structured so that we both were involved in nearly everything and that worked well but with Peter out of the picture for long stretches of time I just don’t see me having the time to spend on Twitter, doing the website and blog etc.

Its something that we are both going to miss most tremendously and I love what we have got up to over the last few months but life and family – in particular family – have to take precedence.

Therefore very, very reluctantly I’m going to have to close the website and stop my twitter posts and tumblr etc. The site I will keep going for a couple of weeks as I’ve got the updates ready so it wont take too long to do and I’ll also keep the twitter account going but wont be posting much on it but perhaps if I get the “urge” I’ll pop the odd photo up.

This really is a sweet and sour moment. Sweet because of what Peter has achieved but sour due to having to give up (at least for the time being) this exciting, sexy and satisfying element of our lives.

Any comments I’d love to here from you.

Love to you all



20 thoughts on “News

  1. I’m absolutely gutted so no members meet was so hoping to meet you in the flesh πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ I understand and can’t blame it has been a real pleasure getting to know you through Twitter and other sites, I had a horrible horrible feeling this was going to be the news I didn’t want to hear


      1. So Erin reading your reply to Roy there could be a slim chance of a members meet in the future or is that just wishful thinking on my part?
        as always


  2. As you said Erin a bitter sweet moment first of all congratulations to Peter on his promotion, secondly of course your family comes first, thank you for still keeping the website up for a little longer so we can be weened off you gradually since some of us are totally addicted to you.
    As always


      1. hi erin….im devastastated that you will be giving up your site…..i have followed your blog and just recently joined… are without doubt the most natural sexy lady ever….i love your pics and vids but unfortunately your welcome video in the members section does not appear to be working


  3. It was a lot of FUCKIN fun. I was so into this and have to admit enjoyed getting your knickers soaking wet. The DMs I wrote you will be our little secret. By the way I was the mystery guy Erin was talking about. I can almost touch you, smell you, taste you and above all feel what it’s like to be inside of you. Simply heavenly. I know you will miss me and my DMs. I am so happy for you and Peter and I wish all the best to you both. The next time you take off your red or blue knickers think of me removing them with my lips and face. When there off think of me licking your clit and the inside of your pussy. I will miss you. LOVE YYY


  4. Hi Erin . congratulations to Peter on his forthcoming position and I hope everything works out for you both . Having only just discovered you on Twitter and been trying to join your web site it’s such a shame that all your followers will miss out on your sexy and exciting adventures . First spotted you on world wide wives and WS totally blown away viewing your material as your one hell of a sexy lady . You’ all be sadly missed but never forgotten . your absolutely gorgeous , incredibly sexy and so very very desirable . Mark xxx


    1. Hi Mark
      Thanks so much for the compliments. Did you want to join the site still? It will be up for a while and theres loads of photo sets and videos of me? If you do and still have trouble with CCBill I can do other ways. Let me know. xx


      1. Hi Erin . Still having trouble joining your site . I’ve just tried before messaging you and still receiving the same error code . Please help . Mark xxx


  5. hi Erin…..i am very glad you fixed the the membership area….i am a huge fan and have recently joined….thank you both very much for sharing an insight into very naughty sexy life……you are an amazing lady…your galleries are amazing but i dont seem to be able to open your members video…..i would love to be able to see it ….xxxx


    1. Hi Stephen
      Thanks so much for joining. I’m sorry about the problem with the video. I’m getting it sorted so it should be available later today. Do let me know if you find any other problems.
      Yes, I’m sorry too that there may not be much more going on the website, at least for a while, but with Peter away so much it relly would be too much to cope with, quite apart from the fact that he takes the piccies!


  6. Hello how are you are you still getting messages in here as they keep bouncing back in your website, hope you’re all OK xx are you seeing DM’s in Twitter missing you in there

    Roy 😘😘😘


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