Missing me?

Are you all missing me? Not as much as I’m missing you I bet! And my Peter! I’ll try to bring you up to date on happenings while I have a few minutes.

Peter hasn’t been home for a while. He’s really busy sorting out problems in Denmark but the good news is he will be back towards the end of next week for a few days which is great as it coincides with the kids Christmas festivities at school so he should be able to see all that. Then, the really exciting bit is we are all going back with him to spend Christmas in Denmark. The Company have provided him with a flat so we will have a family Christmas in what looks to be a wonderful city. We are all so excited about it.

An added bonus is that I wont have to see the Dragon over the festive period. She always puts a damper on it. The downside to that of course is that I wont see Frank either and I had rather been hoping that it might have given us the opportunity to have 3 in a bed – me, Peter and his Dad. Oh, wow, still makes me hot thinking how sexy that would be but still I must not be a greedy girl!

My bed is very empty at night and I’ve been using Β all your little videos and my favourite toy to keep me warm. Also of course Peter and I have loved using skype although watching him wank off for me hundreds of miles away is not quite the same as the real thing!

I hope to keep updating the site till Christmas but am not sure if there will be much after that. It depends I suppose if we do any over in Denmark but I suspect the opportunity wont arise.

Anyway in case I don’t get the chance to write again all of you have a really happy and sexy Christmas and may Father Christmas fill your stockings with your dreams!

Here’s just a few pics to see you through. Sorry if you have seen some before but I haven’t got time to check! We never did finish that game of strip poker did we!



Erin xxxxxxxxx

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4 thoughts on “Missing me?

  1. Hope you too have a great Christmas Erin and you get lot’s of nice goodies, missing you so so much Twitter is just not the same with out you for me πŸ˜’ anyway thanks for everything you have shared with us and will greatly accept anymore you get a chance to and so gutted no members meet 😘😘😘 always in my thoughts what might of been



  2. Have a great Holiday season and all the best to you and your family in the coming New Year. I miss writing you nasty DMs and thinking how horny and wet your knickers get just reading them. My cock rises to a stiff attention thinking about the smell and feel of your hot wet pussy. Think of me licking and having my way with you when Peter is not there when you need him the most. Stay wet and randy. Umm your pussy smells and taste so wonderful.


  3. Many thanks for posting such a lovely piece on twitter . you’ve been missed a hell of a lot and I really appreciate the pictures at followed your tweet . your gorgeous and how I’d love to let my tongue loose on your beautiful body pleasuring your delectable pussy and beasts . I bet Peter has a huge smile on his face on his return . you certainly brought a smile to my face and an impressive lump to my trousers . Have a wonderful festive holiday and a Happy New Year . love and kisses Mark xxx


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