New Year, new challenge

Hi all my lovely men. How are you all? Hope you survived the Christmas festivities and had loads of sexy moments. I know I did! I will write about them if I get a few more moments than I have now but this blog is I’m afraid going to contain some bad news for you all.

As you know Peter is now working over in Denmark and we all went over there for the Christmas and had long family discussions and have decided that the best plan is for us to move over there as a family sooner rather than later. We all loved the city, the children found it a great adventure and met and made friends with other children and given their ages a disruption in their education at the moment wont be too serious whereas in a couple of years time it would be much more of a wrench. Also with this Brexit business who knows what the situation will be in moving to another country after we leave the EU so we think we need to do it before the government trigger Article 50 at the end of March. It may not guarantee us anything but we should be more likely to  be OK than doing it a after.

What that all means is that I’m going to have my work cut out doing everything this end. I need to resign my job, sort out all the transfers of residence etc, let the house, organise the children’s school etc etc etc.

In short I very much doubt I’ll have much, if any, time to carry on blogging or tweeting. Its so sad. Bother Peter and I have had a really sexy 6 months or so wth your help and we’ve loved every minute. We hope you have too.

It may be that when we get sorted over there we could start again but I’m not going to make any promises in case that doesn’t happen but I hope it does!

So, sadly, the update this coming Friday will be the last on the site too. I’ll leave the site up in case you want to keep looking at any sets or videos that you haven’t downloaded but you should arrange to cancel your sub if its recurring. To do that go here and enter your details. If you have any problems let me know but I’d be grateful if you can manage. With everything else going on my end it may take me a while to do it for you!

So I guess thats it. Please excuse me if I don’t reply to any responses to this. I will if I get a chance but so much to clear up at work at the moment and the agents are due shortly to measure up the house which we are going to let out.

So my lovely lovely men, take care and love to you all. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

With a little tear in my eye BYE!

6 thoughts on “New Year, new challenge

  1. All good things come to an end eventually, it’s just a pity this adventure has come to an end so soon. I wish you all well for your future.
    As always
    PS you know where I am if needed.


  2. I’m so happy for you and your family. I know it’s bitter sweet but ultimately changes take some getting use to.
    I wish you all the best and know Peter and you are making the correct decision. I hope you keep my DMs and read them when you need to. I had so much fun with you and I thank you. I’m not going to say goodby because you’ll always be my personal fantasy randy women. Hope your knickers are wet right now.

    Love and Hugs ,



  3. Hello 👋 😘 do you still check here? Hope you’re all well and having a great time xx missing you so much always thinking of you wondering what your up to hope life is good for you 😃
    Would love to hear from you via email or here, love a cheeky upskirt of that beautiful cunt of yours and miss those absolutely wonderful nipples

    Roy 😘


    1. Well said Roy we all miss the beautiful Erin, I really miss just talking to her as she was a breath of fresh air in this stale world.


  4. I totally agree Keith, hope you’re OK so miss them sexy horny chats with Erin would be nice if she popped into here or Twitter so say hello now and again let us know how she’s keeping and wouldn’t it be great if it happened again.


  5. Hi Erin hope you are all well and enjoying your new life and finding time for lots of sexy play time with P
    Missing you lots 😘

    Roy 😘 😘


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